Sunday, September 25, 2011

Infinit Athlete Jasper Blake Runs into 5th place at IM Canada

INFINIT Nutrition is proud to support Canada's own Ironman champion Jasper Blake. Returning after an absence from Ironman competition, you would guess after a 5th place finish at the 2011 Ironman Canada that all he was doing was training! Check out the brief re-cap of his awesome race below. For the full race report, be sure to visit Jasper's blog.

From Jasper:

Finally back after over a week in Penticton and a chance to write a note about IMC 2011. I won't bore you with a full race report — if you're interested in that check out my blog.

In a nutshell it went very well. Not the win I was plugging for but after a year layoff from Ironman I was stoked to be back and in a position to do my job. I finished 5th after running my way through the field from 14th. Ironman is a tough sport and i was reminded of that at mile 20 in the run- I was also reminded that I thrive in situations like that so it was good to be there again. The conditions were the toughest I've ever experienced in Penticton — hot, windy — a tough day for everyone.

I've been competing professionally now for 17 years- 11 years of Ironman Canada (8 years competing) and have never finished worse than 5th and never run slower than 2:54- I'm proud of my time there- as a Canadian it's the most important race on my calendar outside of Hawaii.

Last year was not easy for me — it was crushing to be out of the game and wondering if that was going to be it for my career — to get healthy again and be able to get through the process of preparing again was a relief in a way. I cannot thank you all enough for sticking it out with me.

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