Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From the Desk of the Chief Nut Gatherer

In this monthly column, I am going to touch on some of the frequent questions I get from customers. This month's topic deals with an issue we see more from new customers.

"I ordered two different formulas, but they both came the same" problem.
In other words: How to save two different formulas – or I had two different formulas but only one is there!

Did you create a bike mix ...then thought you created a run mix...ordered both but upon arrival of the product realized the mixes were identical? How did this happen? Come on - don't get mad at the website or us. Human error happens to all of us. We try to catch this mistake before we send it to production, but every once in a while we miss one.

This problem can happen for a few different reasons. The first is that you are in your formula playing with it as your bike mix...order it...go back into the bike mix and play with sliders some more...change it...rename it and order it as your run mix...doing this erases the bike mix. The name is still in your shopping cart, but, physically in your folder, there is only one formulation. Thus, your run formulation gets printed out for both the bike and the run. Each formula has to be saved separately in order to print out different formulations.

Second, sometimes athletes will create a formula and order it without saving it … again, if it isn’t saved in your formula folder, then whatever the last formula you created will be the production formulation for all of your formulas. To ensure you have done this properly, I always suggest that you create and save all the formulas you want to create. Then, go back into your folder, and see that they are listed separately. Then you can double check that the sliders for each are correct before ordering. This will prevent you from ordering a bike and run that are formulated the same.

Also, if you desire to make a few changes to your Go Get 'Em Fuel, but don't want to lose the original formula, you can clone it. The clone button is under the title bar when you first log into your formula folder. This will create a "Copy Of Go Get 'Em Fuel. There is no limit to the number of formulas you can create in your folder. So, making a copy of a formula you want to change will allow you to still keep the original formula in case you want to go back to it. You need to know that once a formula is no longer listed in your folder, we cannot retrieve it for you. It is lost in the INFINIT Nutrition black hole of old formulas. The only way to get it back is by re-creating it from an old label.

I hope this helps you understand why taking the time to create a separate formula and clicking save each time is important and can prevent a lot of head scratching down the road.

Chief Nut Gatherer
Laurie Walter

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  1. Don't point at the customer with human error. It occurs, of course, but your website could use some improvement. It is difficult to sort out.